WROB Vs DJ Unknown – The New Jazz Mix!

Another hit of prime jazz goodness from our pal DJ Unknown. A typically eclectic mix ranging from interstellar skronk to cool Latin grooves. Just the thing for a summer afternoon. Escape with us!

You are, of course, free to download the mix – just hit the the obvious link button.

  • Chet Baker & Art Pepper – For Minors Only
  • Binker & Moses – Village Of The Sun
  • Chris Bowden – Mother And Daughters Now Mothers
  • Miles Davis – Prince Of Darkness
  • Esa Pethman – Blues For Duke
  • Flying Lotus – MmmHmm
  • Django Rheinhart – Billets Doux
  • Wes Montgomery – Movin’ Along
  • John Coltrane – Jupiter
  • Sun Ra – Interstellar Low Ways
  • Dizzy Gillespie – Dynamo A (Dirty Atmosphere)
  • Herbie Mann – Summertime
  • Mezzoforte – Garden Party
  • Dave Pike – Blind Man Blind Man
  • Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass – Love Potion No. 9
  • Sergio Mendez & Brasil ’66 – Mas Que Nada
  • Minnie Ripperton – Inside My Love

WROB Vs. DJ Unknown – The Jazz Mix

We’re back with another takeover from our esteemed master of mixology, DJ Unknown! In another exclusive for WROB, we play the mix in its entirety before DJU joins us for a chat on the origins of and thinking behind it. There are a few curveballs in this one. Hold tight!

The DJ Unknown 2003 Jazz Mix

As ever, you are free to download our mixes if you prefer not to stream from WROB. Fill yer boots!

EXCLUSIVE: DJ Unknown’s Aphex Twin Mix!

In a second exclusive for Radio Free Caversham and WROB, the enigmatic mixologist DJ Unknown treats us to another artist overview. This time he focuses on the equally mysterious figure of Aphex Twin.

We’re delighted to have Unknown join us for a chat midway through the mix in which he shares his insights into the choices and processes that went into it.

You won’t hear these mixes anywhere else, Listenership. Keep it locked to this frequency for more DJ Unknown goodies in the coming weeks!

As ever, we believe you should be able to easily download the shows if you like. Just hit the link below.

The Graham Williams Takeover

Great to see the WROB community starting to make their mark and leaving me with less of the gruntwork in putting a kickass show together!

This time, old podcasting friend Graham Williams drops a cleverly themed set of tracks in, with a little help from the ladies in his life. With everything from the KLF to a male voice choir, expect the unexpected. This one gave me the warm fuzzies.

All aboard!

We’re Back! The Clive Ashenden Takeover

Yes, well, let’s not talk about the tumbleweed that has been blowing through the studio here in sunny Caversham for the last year and a bit. Rather, let us celebrate the fact that we have returned.

Further cause for celebration: a cracking set of tunes from our podcasting pal Clive Ashenden, who serves up an eclectic mix of soul, dance, prog, and artcore. This will enrich your lives. Let it in, feel the joy.

Hi, there. We are WROB. We’re all about love, unity, and music. Join us, whydoncha?