EXCLUSIVE: DJ Unknown’s Bob Dylan Mix

We are excited and honoured to be able to share the first of a series of mixes by our pal DJ Unknown. Sourced from original vinyl in one of his secret European musical hideaways, this mix features all sorts of surprises and rarities. It’s a must for any Dylan fan. Come on without, come on within!

The Bob Dylan mix.

Download the Bob Dylan Mix.

2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: DJ Unknown’s Bob Dylan Mix

  1. Good Mix! I’ve been a Bob Dylan fan ever since he first appeared on British TV back in the sixties -have just about everything he has ever done. As a poet myself I’ve applauded his ability to write lyrics that are essentially poems. If that strikes a chord with you -can I suggest that some of his longer songs are put out with the words. I think he will be even better appreciated if listeners can view the lyrics as they hear the song.


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